TRIGGR & BLOOM is a creative partnership founded by Exec. Prod Monica Blackburn and Director James Larese who share an innate desire and passion to create inspiring, original and contemporary stories of cultural, social and political themes and happenings that effect today and tomorrow's generations.

Monica Blackburn
Executive Producer

Monica Blackburn's introduction to the creative world started at a young age as art has been a big part of her family since she can remember. She grew up watching her mother who is an art dealer discover western artists and break them in her native South Korea. Monica witnessed first hand the amazing results of what it means to believe in talent and help them grow. With an eye for spotting creative talent in her blood, Monica made a path for herself working with young artists and curating shows in Los Angeles. This led to her working with artists including Luke Chueh, Colin Roberts, Jeremy Dickinson and David Levinthal to name a few.

As one of the Co-founders and Executive Producer of the award-winning artist collective, Syndrome, Monica garnered and crafted her ability over the course of 12+ years to understand both the creative as well as the business side of art and commerce. In turn, she has developed a strong ability to translate and move between the two worlds throughout each project.

Monica's approach to producing has always come from an innate desire to bring creative visions to its purest form. As a co-founder of T&B she believes in the creative and fights for its integrity knowing that a finished piece that she is proud of is worth more than any mountain that needed to be climbed to get to the top.

James Larese
Director · Creative

James Larese is an award-winning Director, Artist and a co-founding partner of T&G. Based in Los Angeles, he began his career as a naive starving artist who happened to stumble into design as a means to eat. He quickly realized that technology is simply another vessel to express and create art.

Equipped with this new found creative inspiration, he jumped in head first and in 2002, as a co-founding member, he formed the artist/design collective, Syndrome. For well over the course of the next decade, James developed and honed his love of storytelling and directing by pushing the boundaries and blurring the lines between art and commerce and in the process amassed an array of creative disciplines and styles.

He has developed original content for a many major studios such as Disney and MTV, brands such as Converse, Doritos, Beats Headphones, AT&T and as an obsessed lover of music, James has directed over 100 music videos working with some of the top artists in the world including Eminem, Alicia Key, Kanye West and Imagine Dragons.

In early 2016, James, along with longtime collaborator Executive Producer Monica Blackburn, went on to form Triggr & Bloom with a specific focus and goal of creating and developing original content for brands and entertainment.


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